Oh My Gosh This Is "Deja Vu"

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Oh my gosh... This is Deja Vu all over again!! Reese got hurt this time!

A Day in the life of our family. We aren't your average family, We are a very sarcastic and fun loving family. We get crazy in a good way.. We try to not take each day together as a family for granted. We love to laugh, tease each other, and sometimes laugh until we cry. Laughter is the best medicine. and We live by the motto "Kill them with kindness" Welcome to our channel!

Our kiddos!!!
Kesley 13
Logan 11 (angel in heaven)
Rhett 9
Reese 7
Perri 6

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inquiries please contact at: coryleroy10@gmail.com


Camera's we use:
Canon G7X mark ii
Canon, 5D mark iii
GoPro Hero 5
DJI Phantom 3

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