Annie's Final Gymnastics Evolution (Age 2 to 13)

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2, 330, 832
20, 639   |   895
WIAC   |   5 мес.

I miss Acroanna. So much.
I realised Annie looks tall as freak in some videos!! did you know she's 13 and only 5'0 (152 cm)? Many gymnasts really do look taller when they are executing routines!
Okay, whenever I hit 50k I'll start to shout out my most active subscribers:
What do you need to do to be shout outed? (All of this will be checked by the time I hit 50k)
-Like at least 2 of the videos I post weekly (you need to put that privacy seeting on public)
-Be subscribed, obviously
-Comment at least 1 thing per video!
I'm also going to include you guys more, next week I'm posting a "Subs Edit"!! So again, comment if you're a gymnast and want to be recognised.
I already started pinning channels I will shout out :) I have 4 so far!

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