8 hours Nature Sounds-Birds Singing- Waterfall-Birdsong-Sound of Water-Relaxation-Meditation

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Do you or a friend suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

It is extremely important to consult with your physician before trying any of these, particularly if your are on any medication for anxiety or panic attacks.

Natural Remedy 3:- During an anxiety attack, breathing exercises can be used to give you almost instant relief and help you to feel calmer. Stress and tension will be reduced very quickly with controlled breathing. Focusing on your breath as you breath in and out will help to distract you away from the obsessive pattern of thinking that happens during panic attacks.

Instead of being a passive victim of the panic attack, breathing exercises will give you something else to think about. This can help prevent palpitations and chest pain. Sometimes without even noticing, you can restrict or even stop breathing for a while, which in turn would make you feel more anxious. Breathing exercises for anxiety can prevent this from happening.

Here is one simple breathing exercise to try next time you are feeling anxious.

Take a normal slow breath in through your nose (not too deep). Pause and hold the inhaled breath for just a second and then exhale slowly through your mouth. With this technique breathing out as slowly as you can is very important. Focus your attention on your breath as you exhale especially to the moment your breath is fully exhaled, that moment just before you take in your next breath.

On your second breath in quietly observe and be aware of what is going on around you. Repeat this breathing exercise 3-5 times until you feel more relaxed.

If you want to find out more about any of these therapies, there are great sources of valuable information on line.

8 Hours in one of the most picturesque Irish woodland locations with a rocky waterfall on a mountain river and the air filled with birdsong:- http://youtu.be/eKFTSSKCzWA

8 Hours in a tranquil bluebell wood as a gentle breeze blows through newly unfurled leaves and birds sing natures melodies:- http://youtu.be/2G8LAiHSCAs

8 Hours sitting on the river bank of a rocky mountain stream as it wends it’s way seawards, birds perching on the overhanging branches delight your heart with their music, water tumbling over the rocky river bed:- http://youtu.be/rzM7R6Vzp4s

8 Hours in one of the most peaceful meditative locations in Ireland, by a reflective pool on a gentle mountain stream, the air around you filled with the soothing sound of water flowing and birdsong:- http://youtu.be/hGa0KaNV3tM

8 Hours by the lake shore under a warm summer sun, gently lapping water and peaceful birds singing:- http://youtu.be/4NG30BMPqn8

8 Hours on the river bank, a gentle mountain stream beneath your feet, soothing birdsong above your head in the moss covered branches of ancient Irish woodland:- http://youtu.be/PwSHOI7DwWM

8 Hours on the moss covered floor of a native Irish woodland amongst gently swaying flowers of wild garlic and bluebells, birdsong in the ash and beech trees above:- http://youtu.be/pUdZFXsHk0o

8 Hours of the relaxing sound of water dripping inside the mouth of one of Irelands most picturesque caves along with the gentle sound of the tiny stream as it meanders it’s way past your feet;- http://youtu.be/pUdZFXsHk0o

8 Hours beside a sacred Irish spring well as it’s healing waters mix with a peaceful mountain stream flowing by your feet and soothing early summer birdsong:- http://youtu.be/ktR7P0p6KcE

8 Hours of a roaring picturesque waterfall beneath a canopy of native Irish woodland, keep the volume high for a dramatic experience or low for a more peaceful tranquil experience:- http://youtu.be/txvn1jQk1hM

8 Hours of relaxing sounds of a miniature waterfall as a mountain stream cascades through moss covered rocks:- http://youtu.be/Nkhg1D3MXYM

8 Hours of soothing waterfall sounds and the relaxing sound of birdsong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ej1B3U4lBI

8 Hours beside a sacred Irish spring well as it’s healing waters mix with the peaceful sound of a mountain stream flowing by your feet:- http://youtu.be/EZ8xFe1zw7E

8 Hours in one of Irelands most picturesque landscapes, by the Ashley waterfalls Connemara, County Galway. http://youtu.be/rOZL8y_zvG8

If you would like to choose from my entire collection, this is my channel link:- www.youtube.com/johnnielawson

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