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The Best of Epic Celtic Music 2016 - New mix for you guys. included many great tracks from many new composers.
This mix will help you relaxing, making homework, workout and bring you full energy in a whole day!

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1. Elven Song by Logan Epic Canto
2. Song of Mathgamhain by Caratacus
3. A Tale of Sea Dragons by Marcus Warner
4. Festival of Light by Audiomachine
5. Heaven or Hell by Colossal Trailer Music
6. Moonsong by Adrian von Ziegler
7. Din Duin by Brand X Music
8. Valley of the Wolves by Caratacus

9. Spirit of the Wild by BrunuhVille
10. Land of the Brave by Colossal Trailer Music
11. The Road to Magh Meall by Caratacus
12. High Tide by Adrian von Ziegler
13. A Victorious Path by Colossal Trailer Music
14. Land of the Arverni by Tartalo Music
15. Another Fairytale by Faolan
16. Xian (remaster) by Antti Martikainen

17. Tales of Dragonia by BrunuhVille
18. Queen of the Lake by Caratacus
19. The Northern Route by Logan Epic Canto
20. The Forest Of Wolves by Peter Crowley
21. One Against The World by Antti Martikainen
22. The Shine Of Gold by Antti Martikainen
23. Woodland Tales by Adrian von Ziegler
24. The Realm of The Fallen King by BrunuhVille (Feat. Sharm)

AMAZING artwork by JoJoesArt
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Video was edited by bonD

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