Charlie Puth - Attention [Official Video]

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714, 770, 092
4, 518, 342   |   136, 106
Charlie Puth   |   11 мес.

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Video Directed by Emil Nava

Written By: Charlie Puth and Jacob Kasher
Produced By: Charlie Puth
Vocal Production: Charlie Puth
Instruments: Korg Triton Studio, Juno 60, Omnisphere, Trillian for the Bass, Rhodes 77, Yamaha DX7, Pro Tools I2, Fender Stratocaster, Martin HD-28 Acoustic
Mixed By: Manny Marroquin & Charlie Puth at Larrabee Sound Studios
Recorded At: Home Studio of Charlie Puth & Tour Bus of Charlie Puth
Mastered By: Dave Kutch at the Mastering Palace

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