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Samurai Music   |   7 мес.

RNB Music Radio 🎆 Live R&B * Hip-Hop 24/7 | Live-streaming the best new R&B / RNB / Hip-Hop music for your listening enjoyment. Samurai Music is featuring artist like 6lack, blackbear, as well as other great underground r&b artist. Genres consists of 95% rnb/r&b tracks - other percentage may consist of chill rap music, hip-hop, and other popular chill genres. Subscribe to Samurai Music for the best music, streaming and uploading only the best unheard and known tracks.

💰 Donate to the stream: http://bit.ly/donatesamurai
🎧 Listen to the Spotify playlist: http://bit.ly/spotifysmri
🎙 Talk to us on Discord: https://discord.gg/pH3qukg

- Connect with Samurai 
● https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCurx...
● https://soundcloud.com/realsamurai
● https://www.instagram.com/matthew26.2/
● https://twitter.com/featsamurai
● https://www.snapchat.com/add/batslyfe
● Instagram: @matthew26.2
● Snapchat: @batslyfe

❌ For copyright issues or business inquires: matthewxchavez@gmail.com

➥ Chat Commands (Nightbot) ~
!uptime - Shows how long the livestream has been going for!

This stream could be used for party music, gaming music, studying music, basically anything!
Be sure to subscribe to know next time we upload or stream!

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