Liam Payne DISSES One Direction In "Strip That Down" Lyrics & Fans Aren't Happy

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Directioners are getting heated over a shady Liam Payne lyric about his time in the group!
I knew Directioners were intense, heck I’M an intense Directioner, but is this lyric from Liam Payne taking it too far?

Liam launched a snapchat campaign today to promote his new single Strip That Down. Specialized filters with the hashtag STRIPTHATDOWN can be found in cities around the world. And each location has a different lyric from the song written at the top.

Twitter user @princessfaithy called the former One Direction member out using his snapchat filter in New York that had the lyric “you know i used to be in 1d, (now i’m out free)” *GASP*

And she said QUOTE “We playin the shade game today @LiamPayne?” AND THEN LIAM RETWEEted it we’re shooketh.

Many Directioners are not taking the lyric or the retweet lightly! @hesmelted on twitter said QUOTE “didn’t know you were in prison” and later added “This is so frustrating because he never told [us] he was unhappy in the group. They all never did. I feel like they all lied right now.”

Fellow 1D member Harry Styles just recently said in his Behind The Album documentary that he wouldn’t be where he was today without One Direction and he claims he never felt like he was fake in it.

And just yesterday in a radio interview Niall talked about all of their solo adventures and how he knows he’ll never receive the same success he had with 1D, but from the sound of it there was no negative talk whatsoever!

It seems Liam feels differently about his experience. Some fans are speculating that he’s merely talking about feeling trapped with his management, but until Liam comes out and says something about the shady lyric, we may never know!

So right now I want to know your thoughts on the lyric and Liam’s retweet! Was it shade toward his band members or his fans? Let us know down in the comments and after that, be sure to click here to check out episode TWO of It Got Real: Erin’s Surgery. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Ava Gordy and I’ll see you next time.

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