"A New Day" Astonishing Melodic Dubstep Mix

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Arctic Empire   |   4 год.

It's unbelivable the amount of people that has supported Arctic Empire...I'm in awe, just speechless over the way the channel has been going lately. Let's celebrate the accomplishments together with this mix! :D

Mixed by: Arctic Empire
Join The Empire!: http://bit.ly/1geXlNt
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/54a83smy667h9se/A_New_Day_Chill_Mix.mp3
Track List

Electus - Life 00:00

Extan - I Need You 03:33

CMA - Dream Away 07:58

Sacred - Rain 11:52

Rameses B - Pulsefire Ezreal 14:50

BlindSight - In A Lifetime 18:55

Just A Gent - A Song Of Fire & Ice 22:16

Jacoo - Fairytale 25:52

Soulfy - Frozen Rivers 29:06

Aether - Here With Me 33:08

Blure - Endless Dream 35:54

ShockLine - Spring Break 39:22

Madza - We Are Wonders of Existence 42:43

Killigrew - Hope 46:05

Fracture Design - The Beginning of A New Day 50:47


Artwork Download: http://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/8454


Thanks for listening and remember to support the artists!

Intro by: Federico Cocheo Filetti

*If you as an artist(artwork or music)/label have anything against my uploads (use of content etc.), please don't make a scene, send me a private message here(Youtube), Google+ or my email adress: arcticempire@outlook.com and I'll take it down.

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