Melodic Progressive House mix Vol 18 (Always The Sun)

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Dejan Pavlovic   |   7 мес.

Hi friends, it's time for a new mix...enjoy in great sound :)
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01.Lessov – Kosmonaut (original mix) [Dezire] 00:00
02.James Woods - We See The Future (original mix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies] 06:31
03.Van Yorge – Eden (original mix) [Nanostate Music] 12:02
04.Intrinity – The Thinking Spot (original mix) [Perplexity Music] 17:25
05.Lessov - November (Valentin remix) [WeRecommendRecords WRR] 24:35
06.James Woods - Amnesia (Valentin remix) [WeRecommendRecords WRR] 29:58
07.Mango & Andre Frauenstein Feat.Laurie Levine – Away From Here (original mix) [Mango Alley] 36:02
08.Shingo Nakamura - Nothing (original mix) [Digital Motion] 41:50
09.Aeron Aether Feat. Catherine - Twilight (Mango Pres. Tokyo Bay Cruise remix) 48:05
10.Dinka - Some People Never Learn (Mango remix) [Morphosis Records] 55:01
11.James Woods - Amnesia (original mix) [WeRecommendRecords WRR] 01:01:50
12.John & Johnson - We Stand Alone (Soarsweep Pres. Smoot Stab remix) [Green Martian] 01:08:05
13.Dezza - Feel Good (original mix) [Dezire] 01:13:35

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Melodic Progressive House mix Vol 18 (Always The Sun) - Поисковик музыки


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