"Buddha Beatz" [Hiphop, Neosoul, Jazz, & R&B] - Mixtape No.14 by Azul Horizon

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All Mixtapes blocked by the YouTube cops can be viewed below, Vimeo treats creators much better!!!

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Brought a lot of different vibes together to construct this joint, some new some old, but all just right. Hope you enjoy.,
Peace, Azul Horizon

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1. 00:00 Four Hills by DJ Day
2. 03:05 May-December by Mos Def
3. 06:13 Who Shot Ya? (Instrumental) by The Notorious B.I.G.
4. 07:20 Sugar Free by Juicy
5. 12:25 Phone Down by Erykah Badu
6. 15:29 If I Fall (v.2) by Naked Music NYC
7. 19:10 Hope by Pete Philly & Perquisite
8. 23:46 Without You by Dwele
9. 27:19 Stakes is High by De La Soul
10. 31:40 Stakes is High by Unwrapped
11. 36:30 Old Friends by Regal
12. 41:13 Act Too (Love of My Life) by The Roots
13. 45:22 The Facts by Afta-1
14. 48:55 To Follow by Gramatik
15. 51:03 Closer by Goapele
16. 54:50 Tread Lightly by N8e (feat. Jon B.)
17. 58:16 Players by Slum Village
Author: Jonathan Mitchell
Author webpage: http://www.jonathanmitchell.co/
Licence: ATTRIBUTION LICENSE 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/)
Downloaded at Mazwai.com
18. 1:00:52 Autumns Evening Breeze (Instrumental) by The Sound Providers
19. 1:04:30 The Action by 4Hero
20. 1:07:40 Heaven by Mike City
21. 1:11:41 Worries (feat. Dwele) by Robert Glasper Experiment

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