'Cosmic Energy' - Progressive House Mix

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Fluidified   |   6 год.

This is the fifth of my own mixes and this time I've mixed some of my favorite progressive house tracks. I've probably spent more time on this one compared to my other mixes but I guess it came out okay. I learned a lot of new stuff to do in Ableton and tried out some new mastering techniques. Feel free to express your thoughts of the outcome in the comment section :)

This time, all tracks are available for free download so make sure to grab the tracks you enjoy and show your support to the artists for their awesome work! The full mix and the picture are also downloadable so follow the links below to get them.

Free download:


0:00 MitiS - Life Of Sin
DL: http://soundcloud.com/mitis/mitis-life-of-sin

- http://soundcloud.com/mitis
- http://facebook.com/mitismusic
- http://youtube.com/mitismusic

4:48 James Woods - Departure (Original Mix)
DL: http://soundcloud.com/jameswoods/departure-original-mix-free

- http://soundcloud.com/jameswoods
- http://beatport.com/artist/james-woods/182341

11:18 Hazem Beltagui - Ephemeral (Original Mix)
DL: http://soundcloud.com/hazem-beltagui/hazem-beltagui-ephemeral

- http://soundcloud.com/hazem-beltagui
- http://facebook.com/hazembeltagui
- http://twitter.com/HBeltagui_Music

16:08 Owsey & CoMa - Stay With Me (Lessov Remix)
DL: http://soundcloud.com/lessov-music/owsey-coma-stay-with-me-lessov

- http://soundcloud.com/lessov-music
- http://facebook.com/pages/Lessov/141896912508570
- http://beatport.com/artist/lessov/157344

- http://soundcloud.com/owsey
- http://facebook.com/pages/Owsey/123771024379036
- http://youtube.com/owseymusic

- http://soundcloud.com/dirtyoysterpearl
- http://facebook.com/officialcoma
- http://twitter.com/comasoleil

23:37 Martin Mittone - Difficult Words
DL: http://sendspace.com/file/sdjmx9

- http://soundcloud.com/martin-mittone
- http://facebook.com/MartinMittone
- http://youtube.com/MartinMittoneMusic

28:55 Forekast - Sun Clouds (Original Mix)
DL: http://soundcloud.com/forekast/sun-clouds

- http://soundcloud.com/forekast
- http://facebook.com/ForekastMusic
- http://beatport.com/artist/forekast/227856

36:55 Madison Park & Beechkraft - Sunrise (Bianco Soleil Remix)
DL: http://soundcloud.com/bianco-soleil/madison-park-beechkraft-1
Buy the original: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sunrise-ep/id480857657

- http://soundcloud.com/bianco-soleil
- http://youtube.com/Ezenxain
- http://promodj.com/biancosoleil

- http://madison-park.com
- http://myspace.com/madisonparkmusic
- http://reverbnation.com/madisonpark

- http://soundcloud.com/beechkraft
- http://discogs.com/artist/BeechKraft
- http://myspace.com/beechkraft

42:12 Stereopole - Get Connected
Buy: http://beatport.com/track/get-connected-original-mix/4601931

- http://soundcloud.com/stereopole
- http://facebook.com/StereopoleSounds
- http://youtube.com/stereopolemusic

- http://soundcloud.com/thegroovesociety
- http://facebook.com/thegroovesociety
- http://youtube.com/GrooveSocietyChannel

48:12 Essáy & CoMa - Deceptive (Matt Tilli Remix)
DL: http://soundcloud.com/dirtyoysterpearl/ess-y-coma-deceptive-matt

- http://soundcloud.com/mathieutilli9
- http://facebook.com/pages/Mathieu-Tilli/219975641361615
- http://matttilli.bandcamp.com

- http://soundcloud.com/essayessay
- http://facebook.com/essayessay
- http://last.fm/music/Ess%C3%A1y

- http://soundcloud.com/dirtyoysterpearl
- http://facebook.com/officialcoma
- http://twitter.com/comasoleil

54:16 Sunsido - Reverie (Original Mix)
DL: http://sendspace.com/file/8xto6x

- http://soundcloud.com/sunsido
- http://facebook.com/Sunsido
- http://youtube.com/SunsidoMusic

Picture by *Mygrapefruit:


*This video was uploaded for promotional purposes, and no profit is made from it. If you enjoy the music, please support the artists and labels by downloading or buying the tracks from the links above! If you own any content in this video and would like me to take it down, please contact me (fluidified[at]hotmail.com) and I will remove it immediately.

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