The Breed - Smunchiiez LP

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The first full length release from The Breed on Chillhop Records ! The beatmaker from Germany will please you with a well selected mix of Westcoast G-Funk and laid-back Rhodes chords. The perfect soundtrack for the pre-summer season underlined by an appealing and original artwork by Marvin Bruin. Enjoy!

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00:00 Praliné
02:27 I Just Love Your Smile
04:55 Funk Flowers feat. B-Side
06:36 Smunchiiez
09:45 Morning Love Affair
11:26 Chocolate Covered Dreams
13:34 Go For a Blow
14:49 Eggs Sunny Side Up feat. Philanthrope
17:30 Apple Pie & Honey
19:28 Destiny

The release comes as a limited 12" White Vinyl.

* We ship worldwide.
* This is a limited edition vinyl so don't miss out.
* You can order from anywhere in the world.
* This release will have hand numbering so every copy is unique.
* The release is being prepared and pressed now and will be sent out approx. 8 to 12 weeks from now.

Releases May 30, 2018

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📷 Artwork by Marvin Bruin

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