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186, 252   |   1, 841
mytoecold (Drew Monson)   |   11 мес.

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Lyrics and Music by: Drew Monson
except- Guitars by: Alan Damien

Irene Ashu (turtle)
Clarence Kent
Bash Johnson
Heather Friedman
Fritz Patrick Atienza
Tiffany Tynes

Director: Shane Dawson
Producer/ Choreographer: Jessie Buttafuoco
Dir. of Photography: Gavin White
Cam OP: Al Magallon
Set PA: Jordan Katcher
Set PA: Daniel Jones
Makeup / Hair: Laura Raczka

i left you for so long im sorry
i'll make my comback now and tell my story
of where i was i hope no one was worried
you probably thought that i was dating lots of guys or smoking weed
one of those is true, it's up to you to guess

iwas born inside modesto cali
the highest male voice inside the central valley
they laughed at me i kinda looked like dewey
my choices were to cry myself to sleep or try to be funny
and at 9 years old
i got ahold of a camera

at 10 plus 1 i started posting vids now
it was kinda like a dance, it was kinda like a breakdown
screamed about metro station hung with all my bros
i havent had the doctor check but i am thinking that my hairline kinda rose
and you know some hate comments get to me
like the ones that say i was more convetionally attractive when i was 13

18 now i made a pizza backpack
did some stand up, but i gave it up because of anxiety attacks
i was threatened and then i was a meme sir
i drove to la, no i took an uber,

and i am so glad my turtle didnt roast in the car
but peta dont fret
rodeo jones has a happy life,
she has a basking area,
i swear i know how to take care of her,
(she's not trying to get out of her cage in the background shes just aggressivley begging, i can't feed her as much shell get too big for her shell)

and for some time it was smooth, but something broke it soon,

shyness, depression, trump is prez, i can't get out of bed (x3)

i left you for so long im sorry
i'll make my comeback now and tell my story
of what comes next i wanna tease you now some
i will make vids i will release an album
did you know, i now use dry shampoo
you'll see me on the street with my clean hair and be like, who

but i am me still,
i still go to good will
for now, its time to film

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