The Beauty Of Epic Music | 2-Hour Epic Orchestral Music Mix | Vol. 2

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The Spirit of Orchestral Music   |   10 мес.

The most beautiful and emotional epic orchestral music!

0:00 Marcus Warner – In The End
5:07 Two Steps From Hell – His Brightest Star Was You
8:23 Audiomachine – Existence
12:36 Thomas Bergersen – Colors of Love
19:05 John Williams – Becoming A Geisha (Memoirs of a Geisha Soundtrack)
23:55 Two Steps From Hell – Evergreen
26:55 Immediate Music – Translucent
30:29 Enya – May It Be (The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack)
34:00 Hans Zimmer – Injection (Mission: Impossible II Soundtrack)
38:49 Soundmotion Studios – Let Go
41:30 Kari Sigurdsson – Pearl
45:11 Twelve Titans Music – From The Ashes Reborn
48:13 Jeremy Soule – From Past to Present (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Soundtrack)
53:15 Thomas Bergersen – Creation of Earth
59:02 Shawn Barnes – Stargazing
1:02:02 Marcus Warner – A Tale of Sea Dragons
1:05:38 Above & Beyond – Sun In Your Eyes
1:10:29 Two Steps From Hell – Eria
1:13:09 Eurielle – Song of Durin
1:15:46 Two Steps From Hell – Na Vedui (feat. Aya Peard)
1:18:54 Danny Rayel & Justin Jet Zorbas – The Last Dynasty
1:23:14 Two Steps From Hell – Ocean Kingdom
1:25:33 Louis Viallet – Beautiful Horizon (feat. Lina Ben)
1:29:31 Audiomachine – Homecoming
1:32:43 Steven Price – Gravity (Gravity Soundtrack)
1:36:41 Hammam Abdullah – Equuleus
1:40:35 Alex Pacheco – A Love To Die For
1:43:03 Fraser Myers – Flying
1:46:09 Eric Valette – He’s The Chosen One
1:48:23 L.H. Scoring – The Legend Begins
1:52:15 Savfk – Earth
1:55:30 Two Steps From Hell – Back to the Earth (feat. Nick Phoenix)

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The Beauty Of Epic Music | 2-Hour Epic Orchestral Music Mix | Vol. 2 - Поисковик музыки


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