Mandinga - Besame (Official Video)

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Cat Music   |   1 год.

Mandinga - Besame (Official Video) by Cat Music Spain |
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Music: Stoica Mario Roberto, Perozo Yustiz Carlos Enrique
Lyrics: Stoica Mario Roberto, Perozo Yustiz Carlos Enrique, Isasi Salas Barbara, Himely Benavides Alexander
Orchestration: Stoica Mario Roberto, Pandele Manase

Producer/Produced by #StoicaMarioRoberto aka Morreti Official in studiourile Famous Production

Management: Sergiu Stoiadin | 0040724349934 |
Booking: Madalina Simionescu | 0744831410 |

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Mandinga - Besame (Official Video) - Поисковик музыки


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