Embrace | A Beautiful Chillstep Mix

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Arctic Empire   |   1 год.

Another chillstep mix for you guys to enjoy! Remember to like, comment and share this mix :)
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0:00 Jay Hifive - Elixir
3:49 Sappheiros - Reaching Out
8:20 AK - I Can't Sleep Anymore
15:42 Two Ways - Beautiful Times (Instrumental Mix)
18:56 AK - Standing Together
22:25 fugue - trails
26:35 Aurora B Polaris - Lunar Sunrise
32:23 Vexento - Never Letting Go
36:28 Spoken Bird - Hold On
40:49 Corruna - Motion
42:48 Sappheiros - Looking Back
47:29 Poolz - Don't Be Afraid
52:06 Raine & Subsets - The Libra
55:45 Sappheiros - Embrace
Picture by Jatibon/Ombodon
Deviantart: http://ombobon.deviantart.com/

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