My Own Little Nightmare (feat. Gwen - Live Action Music Video)

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Six's little nightmares come to life in this live action adaptation of her indie horror game, Little Nightmares.
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Adrift in oceans of madness and seas of fear...
Awash in whirlpools of hunger and waves of tears...
Asleep, my nightmares are merely a dazed ordeal.
Awake, I scarcely remember which dreams were real...

So I'll start poking around
until this thread is unwound,
and though the nightmares abound,
I'll keep on standing my ground.
But as the clues all compound,
I've near conclusively found
I'm still asleep...

I'm in the my own little nightmare!
It feels as real as it seems.
I'm trapped with all of these frights here
in my dreams!

Below the floors of this horror, not much survives...
Beneath the cover of shadow, the darkness thrives!
Beware, the nightmares will feed off your silent screams!
Believe in nothing before you; it's just a dream...

I know each answer I find
is but a trick of the mind,
and though my shadow is blind,
it's always lurking behind...
Yet every danger's designed
to somehow serve to remind
I'm still asleep...

I'm in my own little nightmare,
doomed to be swallowed up raw!
There's no escaping my plight here
in The Maw!

Time to restart the nightmare,
back again and again...
Trapped in a daydream right where
Now's returning to Then.

Where will my nightmares take me?
When will I be set free?
What would it take to wake me
from this dream?

Starved and running on empty, but still I rise,
Reborn back into this nightmare of fear and lies.
Though fog of hunger has clouded my weary mind,
My will grows stronger than ever with each rewind!

And I will push through the pain
with but my heart and my brain
until my demons are slain
and no more nightmares remain!
I might be sorely insane,
but it seems perfectly plain:
I'm still asleep...

I'm in my own little nightmare,
A dream I'm doomed to repeat!
I'm out of food and I know there's
naught to eat...

I didn't come here to fight fair,
To starve and die while you dine!
So face your own little nightmare --
-- this is mine.

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