A Chill Mix 2018 'Escape'

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Chill Mix 2018 'Escape' is a brand new Chill Mix that will help you escape your thoughts and chill your mind ;) Feel the Music.
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Tracklist for Chill Mix 2017 'Escape':
00:00 LTGTR & GAB - Midnight Cruise (Vocal Edit) [OUT SOON]

03:00 Y.V.E. 48 - Records (Niklas Ibach Remix)

05:30 GAB - Need To Know

08:26 Diviners - How (ft. Chris Severe)

11:03 Matt Nash ft Georgi Kay - Let You Go

14:31 My Buddy Mike - Runnin Away

17:25 Henri Purnell & Nathan Croma - True Lover (feat. Natkim) (UOAK Remix)

21:03 Silience & Kahys - In The Night (ft Lub x Tpf)

24:15 Joey Dale - Show Me (Radio Edit)

27:30 JYYE - Never Look Back

31:20 LU2VYK - Empty House (Feat. Jex)

34:32 Blind Love

38:11 LU2VYK - Something Real (Feat. Trove)

41:37 Trial & Error, Kate Grimes, To The Sea

45:00 Alexander Hristov - It's No Sweat (Basement Love Remix)

49:14 Nexeri-Ocean-feat.-Yvette-Adams

52:04 AVEC - Waiting For (Alex Schulz Remix)

55:20 Steve Void & Beauz - Hide and Seek

58:12 Calper & Ayelle - Stay Calm

• Mixed by Daveepa
YouTube https://www.goo.gl/fYPjL4
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/daveepaofficial
Instagram https://instagram.com/daveepa/
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/daveepa
Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/daveepa/
Snapchat daveepa

• Photo: https://www.instagram.com/yoannboyer/

The most chilled-out community on YouTube!
ChillYourMind is based on beautiful and positive vibes such as: Deep House, Tropical House, Chill House, Electronic Pop, Chill Pop and many more electronic dance music sounds.
Good vibes only.

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