Slogoman Hole in one Compilation [Tower Unite]

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Slogoman Hole-in-one Compilation

A new notice, thinking about making fan made vids, the obligation of making money on these fan made vids is not acceptable, which of course is considered cheating. The only vids that have to be monetize is your personal vids. Now in this case, I’m not making money on all of my vids, because 2 reasons; I’m not ready, and youtube rules [I think I knew it by the time this occurs in order to avoid a copyright claim], but you always have to add the info in the description, like writing an essay, in the work cited section, at the very bottom of the essay.

Other thing: censoring profanity. Censoring is one of the ways to make money like TV-ish. But in that case of using blurred sound effects, is so annoying, and even though thinking, “... make content for children ...”. But to be honest for freedom of speech to speak any words out there. I’m keeping language content up to a maximum movie rated: PG-13. But unless to find an ANIMAL sound effect, rather than just one blurred sound effect

The only things I currently censored is SUPERBAD-Adult rated content. For example, nudity, or fighting, or the T. word, which could lead to be Age-Restricted [18+] if I don’t. I don’t have any nudity videos, which is SO RISKY, and trying to keep every video on my channel to avoid getting a community strike. I’m trying to be a nice guy, with a learning experience. And keep everything safe as much as I can.

But unless for making money: maybe if I can try to make 2 versions of a video: one censored & one explicit. But this is WORDS only. (For my personal vids).

the real-time views are showing single digit per hour; NOT GOOD!!!

ATTENTION!!!!!: What you're about to hear in this video, will have some ear rape effect, also known as the MAXIMUM amount of Volume. If you're about to COMMENT anything Negative or HATEFUL about this AUDIO. SHALL BE HELD AND REMOVE BY THE USER IMMEDIATELY!!! Please be respect to the community. Thank You!!

Please check out my personal vids.

My respectful apologies for putting the comments in private for a long time. This is what I mean by saying, "Punished!!!". Are we clear???? If this happens again, disabled 'til Thanksgiving.

Please check out and subscribe to my friend, Bryan Amaya;

I don’t like anybody saying “not hole in one”, it’s because it’s like multiple opportunities of getting a hole in one.

The first video to reach 100K+ views.


- Final Cut Pro X

Footage belongs to:

© Kwebbelkop
© Jelly
© Slogoman
© McJuggerNuggets ("Are you kidding me?!!")


- Jamie Berry ft. Octavia Rose - Delight ©
- Neon - Televisor © Monstercat
- ProleteR - Throw it Back ©
- Speak to Angels - 009 Sound System © NATOarts
- Shine Down - 009 Sound System © NATOarts
- Jelly Time - Jelly v Van Dalen
- Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation ©
- Ghost'n'Ghost - Lighthouse (Copyright Free Music)
- Green Hill Zone (g-major) - Sonic © SEGA

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